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Rastros is a company that specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to the agricultural production. Our purpose is to set in motion the different technologies necessary for the implementation of Precision Agriculture.

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Satellite Measurement

We carry out planimetric and altimetric mapping that allows us to have an accurate knowledge about the surface usage and distribution.

Flooding Risk Maps

We determine areas with different degrees of flooding risk, analyzing the progress of water into the fields during periods of abundant rainfall.

Environment Maps

We analyze variability patterns in order to outline different behavior areas and to have a deep knowledge about the field.

Productivity Maps

We outline areas with different productive potential. This map can be used to make recommendations about supplies at variable doses.

Georeferenced Sampling

We set points over areas with different productive potential to be able to take field samples afterwards.

Recommendation and Application Maps

We prepare maps with recommendations about supplies at variable doses in order to have an efficient application of those supplies.

Yield Maps

We generate yield maps that are essential to outline productive areas and to audit operations; they are also used during the campaign´s analysis.

Geographic Information Analysis

We analyze the geographic information generated at the campaign in order to enhance the processes and to make better decisions.

Studies of Fields for Rental

We carry out field studies in order to have accurate information before confirming a rental or purchase transaction.

Information Geolocalization

The fields geolocalization is the starting point for the creation of a geographical knowledge base.

Information Management

The availability of reliable and consistent information is essential for the implementation of Precision Agriculture.

Control, efficiency and optimization

With the necessary information and the incorporation of newer technologies, we can have a better control and efficiency in the processes and resources’ optimization.

Analysis and Decision Making

Based on geographic information systems we are able to make the right decisions, reducing risks and increasing profitability.

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